FridgeTV is a camera based service

Have you ever returned from the grocery store, realizing you forgot you were missing eggs or butter? In a separate scenario, have you ever had your lunch go missing from the shared fridge? FridgeTV plans to wipe away this stress by introducing a camera based service for your fridge.

FridgeTV is here to help in emergency grocery runs

There is no worse feelings than returning from the store and realizing you need to make the “trip of shame” back. With FridgeTV emergency trips to the store are eliminated by never having to worry about what is in your fridge again. All you have to do is open the FridgeTV app on your phone and you have instant access inside your fridge!

The FridgeTV gives you access to view every section of your fridge so you no longer have to write a list or wonder what your missing ever again!

This is a grocery store to show users the problem this service involves.

FridgeTV makes the process simpler

FridgeTV allows users to no longer waste time on writing grocery lists or trying to remember what you need. A camera based service for your fridge makes the process not only more efficient but simpler.



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