This is a fridge to represent the focus of FridgeTV

FridgeTV is a Revolutionary Piece of Technology

FridgeTV is unlike any other product

FridgeTV is a revolutionary product that will set a trend in every household. Much like an Alexa or a Roomba, FridgeTV will become a standard quality of life upgrade. Simply install the camera into your fridge, scan the QR code into your app, and instantly have access inside your fridge!

Upgrade to the premium package to allow others to also see inside your fridge. This package is great for businesses looking to give their employees a piece of mind.

This is a scene in Japan to interest users

FridgeTV is the best choice

While FridgeTV has some competition, our product is better than our main competitors. “Fridge Eye” is a similar product that allows the user to turn their fridge into a “Smart Fridge” by installing a camera on the inner door. However, this product has yet to be released and has currently been set back a whole year according to their Indogogo page. Also, the “Family Hub” is a smart fridge that allows you to see into your fridge from your phone. However, this is a feature of the Samsung Smart Fridges which can average in cost around $2,000.



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