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FridgeTV creator Jessica Witek talks the Six Thinking Hats exercise

Jessica Witek, creator of FridgeTV, discusses the “Six Thinking Hats” about her new camera service. The six thinking hats are a way to amplify creative conversations, by making sure that a broad variety of viewpoints and thinking styles are represented.

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White Hat

What information do we have? What information do we need?

“FridgeTV has a lot of concept ideas as to how the service will function and how it will help individuals in their daily lives. For Instance, FridgeTV is a camera based service for your fridge that will function in the form of a website and app, helping those relieve stress or who need food security at work. However, there is some information that is still necessary like: instructions to install the camera, the design of the camera, and its price. Perhaps including a slogan would also be beneficial. Some questions to keep in mind are how it will reach the audience and how they will be able to register on the website”.

– Jessica Witek

Red Hat

How do I feel about this right now?

“I feel as though this would be a good invention for those with a busy lifestyle who don’t have the time to write a grocery list all the time. However, I also feel that this market might be small. Being a luxury item for your fridge, some middle class families might opt to just write a list. This would depend on the price of the item, of course. If affordable, this service could become the norm in every household”.

– Jessica Witek

Black Hat

What are the weaknesses?

“One problem I can foresee, that I hope doesn’t happen, is the potential for hacking. The horror of someone having access to seeing inside your home is frightening. This is why FridgeTV plans to partner with some of the best software engineers to ensure this does not happen”.

– Jessica Witek

Yellow Hat

Why will it work?

“Other than middle class families, I could see this working in a work like setting where many individuals share the same fridge. In this instance, it would be a form of security and a deterrent for people to take someone else’s food. I could also see this working for individuals with elderly family members they take care of. Instead of making grandma get up, you can instantly see in her fridge and replenish what she needs. I believe if the camera was small enough to not be too noticeable, but also adjustable to see your whole fridge, this would appeal to users and be a great invention”.

– Jessica Witek

Green Hat

What ideas do I have?

“The only other way I could think of to see into your fridge is to record what you put in it. Perhaps a bar code reader could be incorporated into an app and keep track of what’s in your fridge. However, this seems a bit more tedious than just a camera. A good way to fix the Black Hat problems is to ensure the security of the users cameras and data. I plan to put a lot of effort into keeping my users safe”.

– Jessica Witek

Blue Hat

What is the focus?

“The subject and goal of FridgeTV is to ease the minds of its users. I have great faith that this could have a positive effect in people lives, especially those who are food orientated but are too busy to be constantly writing a list. When keeping a discussion on track, remember to always keep the users in mind. This invention won’t be successful without its users, so you should always keep their best interests in mind”.

– Jessica Witek



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